- Contemporary
- Cheerleading
- Hip Hop
- Ballet
- Jazz
- Tap
   for dancers
from 2 to adult
  • Kaycees Academy of Dance offers a wide variety of Dance Classes & Lessons including, Cheerleading, Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Contemporary and Hip Hop. Evening Classes available on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Fridays. Tiny Tots, Juniors, Intermediate & Seniors. Kaycees Dance Studio is located on Mt Dandenong Road Kilsyth. We have students from the following surrounding suburbs, Kilsyth, Croydon, Montrose, Lilydale, Boronia, Bayswater &  Mooroolbark. For more information on Dance Class Times  ☎0425 727 152

    Kaycees Academy of Dance KilsythKaycees Academy of Dance
  • I have been dancing at KayCee's Academy of Dance for the past three years. I have been learning Ballet, Jazz, Tap and Hip Hop. I love going to dancing every Monday and I learn so much. Every year I can't wait for the concert to come because I love the costumes.

    Noumea Cannon
  • KayCee's has opened up a whole new and exciting world for my daughter, where she is accepted and where she can continue to grow and learn her love of dance. They always go the extra mile to ensure her understanding of what is expected and are always open and honest in their dealings with me. Best Dance School by Far!

    Wendy Haag
  • What an incredible experience and opportunity you arranged for all the girls. They all looked so beautiful. You should be very proud of yourself and it truly impressed me that our darling angels *(*sometimes say's the mother of a tween) has an appropriate routine perfect for their age. As we all know they grow way too quick. You truly have a gift, the choreography and attention to detail was impeccable. I LOVED ALL OF IT. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU....

    Kim Warren
  • Still feeling the emotions evoked by last night's concert! It was such a joy to watch our girl(Ellie) up there having so much fun, doing what she loves! I hadn't seen any of the dances before so was blown away by their complexity- loved the ribbon dance! Couldn't stop smiling during "Dance Off" (because Ellie was too) & "Ease on Down" - wow!! Can't wait for the DVD to revisit the subtle moments of all the others!! So much to take in!!! And then there was those seniors (& inters) - OMG - your levels of fitness are extraordinary!! You were able to change like lightning from scary dolls to poised ballerinas to hot jazz! Unreal!! Too many favourites!! Really, really special! Bravo!!!

    Katherine Herring